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Environmental Education Grants

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Purpose of this program:

To support projects to design, demonstrate, or disseminate practices, methods, or techniques related to environmental education and teacher training. As required by Public Law 101-619, this grant program provides financial support for environmental education projects implemented by schools, universities, state and local government environmental and educational agencies, tribal education agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Funding Priority: All grant projects must address one of the following educational priorities: (1) Capacity Building: Increasing capacity to develop and deliver coordinated environmental education programs across a state or across multiple states. Steps include developing effective leaders and organizations which create strategic plans to implement and link environmental education programs to promote long term programs and to decrease fragmentation of effort and duplication across programs; (2) Education Reform: Utilizing environmental education as a catalyst to advance state, local, or tribal education reform goals; (3) Community Issues: Designing and implementing model projects to educate the public about environmental issues and/or health issues in their communities through community-based organizations or through print, film, broadcast, or other media; (4) Health: Educating teachers, students, parents, community leaders, or the public about human-health threats from environmental pollution, especially as it affects children, and how to minimize human exposure to preserve good health; (5) Teaching Skills: Educating teachers, faculty, or non-formal educators about environmental issues to improve their environmental education teaching skills, e.g., through workshops; (6) Career Development: Educating students in formal or non-formal settings about environmental issues to encourage environmental careers; or (7) Environmental Justice: Educating low-income or culturally-diverse audiences about environmental issues.